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Michael Boettcher became a speaker of gambling conferences in Sochi and Riga

 Storm International, which operates Shangri La casinos network in the CIS countries, periodically participates in the public and professional life of the regions where it operates. Also, the owner of the company occasionally gives speeches and participates in discussions in gambling conferences.

The speaker of the RGW Sochi conference, held in 2014, was joined by the head of Storm International, Michael Boettcher. He was one of the first businessmen who start building his business in the Russia in 1990s as legalized gambling. The recognized business leader has been developing casinos in the Russian Federation since the beginning of 90, having prior experience in the best international gambling houses.

At the RGW Sochi, Michael made a presentation on the current topics - “Investing in the gambling zone. When the gambling zone will begin to generate revenue, in which it will share its personal experience in building a successful business in the field of entertainment. Storm International President is well acquainted with the peculiarities of the CIS and Eastern European markets, so he had a constructive dialogue with the public.

In 2017, Mr. Boettcher became the speaker of Riga Gaming Congress. His report was devoted to the discussion of the blockchain and the features of work in the post-Soviet space. Since Shangri La casinos operate in four different countries, the company has experience in different jurisdictions. This was the subject of the conference.

Currently, Storm International, Darren Keane, company’s CEO said, has several thousand employees and has several areas of work. Brand casinos are located in Minsk, Riga, Yerevan, Tbilisi. The SL Casino in Latvia was opened the last in 2017. The company also develops Storm Casinos slot halls in Germany. In 2017, the online casino Shangri La was launched, it embodied the strict principles of work in the world wide web.

Until 2016, Storm International ran Hollywood Entertainment complexes it Monterrey, Mexico, but they were sold to concentrate on businesses needs in Europe.

The company's activity has received international awards for its contribution to the development of socially responsible gambling business. Shangri La Tbilisi and Shangri La Minsk have been recognized for several years as “Casino Number 1” in their countries. Storm International is constantly working to expand its business in the Europe, CIS and Middle East regions as well as considering new opportunities around the world.


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