Andreas (Андреас Павлу)


Сорокина , 13 августа 2014 в 09:12

Andreas is short of oxygen!

Always temperamental and provocative Andreas is now making his fans happy by a lyrical song «Oxygen».

The break-up as it usually happens was followed by a muse. In one breath Andreas has written a new song having quite an eloquent and promising title «Oxygen».

The singer comments on his hit as follow: «Probably I will soon feel sorry for setting my sole forth for all to see. But that is really what I feel right now… Every time singing «Oxygen» I close my eyes, because the song is so personal, that my eyes start glistening with tears.. To leave your part and forget is easy only in words, but its different in real life. I will tell you my true story, and what can be better in creative work than frankness?».

«Oxygen» opening night has recently taken place during celebration of a birthday of Music Box TV channel.

Such an execution became a real revelation and insight for those present, because the audience has got used to see the artist in movement, revealing his ambitions, expressiveness, not afraid of expressing his own opinion. But that night Andreas was in stark contrast to usual himself: the stage wrapped in twilight, single microphone boom and Andreas singing with his eyes closed. In addition to this character the music was blanketing the audience with soft sounds of tender violoncello.

At the end of gala evening the artists were granted rewards from the TV channel and Andreas has got a price for harmonious merging of Ukrainian and Greek cultures, having the joke name – “Greek Salad”

Subsequent to the track outlet, name has started shooting a similarly-named music video. This will be the first screenplay experience of the singer, but he is excited about working: «In addition to the story I would like to shoot a real movie. No one will do it better than the person, who has experienced it».

Expected shooting date: December 15

Expected music video release date: January 20 2014

Listen to the track:

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